Frequently Asked Questions

I have a partial that needs repaired.  What should I do?

When adding teeth to a partial or repairing a clasp, whether it is a flexible, all acrylic, or metal partial, please remember to take an impression with the partial in place.

Can you add teeth or clasps to a flexible partial?

Yes, we can add teeth to most flexible partials.  If the flexible partial material is DurAcetal®, we cannot add to the flexible partial.  DurAcetal® material will not bond with any other type of flexible material other than DurAcetal®.

Can you reline a flexible partial?

Yes and no.  We can add flexible material to the underside of the partial in small areas, but a true reline, no we cannot.

What are the terms of payment?

Williams Dental Laboratory term of payment is net 30.  Invoices are sent with each case and statements are mailed on the last business day of the month.  The statement balance is due and payable by the last business day of the month.  A discount of 2% of the statement balance is given if the bill is paid by the 10th of the month.  A service charge of 1.5% per month (annual rate of 18%) on amount unpaid over 30 days from date of invoice.

My patient requests porcelain teeth for their removable appliance, what is the procedure?

Yes. we can order porcelain teeth. We do not keep them in stock, so please allow more time for the tooth requested to be delivered to WDL. Unfortunately any unused teeth will be billed with the case due to return policy of the supply company. As for a repair on a partial or denture, we will try to use any porcelain we still have in our stock. If we do not have them, then we will have to charge for the new card of teeth.

What is the warranty policy?

WDL guarantees all new work will be free of defects due to materials or workmanship during normal wear and tear for a period of two years.  We also guarantee that the appliance will fit the provided model/impression and will be constructed to the design requested by the doctor as per the prescription.  We will remake or repair any appliance at a reduced fee or at no charge depending on the circumstances of the case. We do not guarantee repairs to existing/older appliances. WDL does not cover incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to inconvenience, lost chair time, cost incurred when removing or inserting the appliance, lost wages, pain and suffering or loss of profits.  WDL can only accept returns of implant parts on un-opened packages with the product in its original condition.

What type of metals do you use in your partial framework and or crown bridge?

All metals are zirconia used at Williams Dental Laboratory belong to the Identalloy or Identceram organization.

Partial AlloyManufacturerCompositon
Wironium Plus Bego View
Co 62.5% Fe < 1%
Cr 29.53% Ta < 1%
Mo 5.0% N < 1%
Si 1.0% C < 1%
Mn < 1%    
Crown and BridgeManufacturerCompositon
Ceramill Sintron Amann Girrbach View
Co 66% Fe < 1.0%
Cr 28%
Mo 5.0%
Si <1.0%
Mn < 1.0%
Talladium Tilite Premium Talladuim View
Ni 72.0% Co < 1%
Cr 13.0% Mo < 1%
Mo 5.0% N < 1%
Ti 4.2% BeNi < 1%
Al 2.0% St,Ta <1%
PG-200 Baker Dental Corporation View
Pd 76.0% Ru < 1%
Au 2.0%
Cu 10.0%
Ga 7.0%
In 5.0%
ZenoZR Wieland Dental & Technik/Wieland-imes View
Zirconium Oxide
(ZrO2 + Hf02)
Yttrium Oxide
Aluminum Oxide
Open Porosity 1.0%
Mn 0%
Midigold 50 C&B Alloy Ivoclar Vivadent View
Au 50.0%
Ag 35.0%
Pd 3.5%
Cu 9.5%
In 2.0%
d.Sign 98 Ivoclar Vivadent View
Au 85.9% Ir < 1%
Pt 12.1% Ta < 1%
Zn 1.5% Fe < 1%
In <1% C < 1%

What is the cost of the restoration?

Prices are all subject to change without notice.  Williams Dental Laboratory does offer free design and estimates for all cases. Please feel free to call if you require an estimate prior to starting a case.

What if I need implant parts, can I order them directly through you?

Yes, we can order parts for you.  We work with most implant companies.  All parts for implants will be from corresponding implant placed.

Do you make anti-snore devices or sleep apnea devices?

Currently, no we do not make either product.

Does WDL charge a rush fee?

No we do not charge a rush fee. Emergency cases will be “rushed” upon request, but never at the risk of poor workmanship.  Please call ahead if an emergency comes up to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

What is the best way to pack a case for shipping to WDL?

  1. Always pour alginate impressions in stone prior to shipping to the lab.
  2. Separate multiple models to prevent breakage.
  3. Secure bites, crowns, or other small items in a small bag or container.
  4. Pack with bubble wrap/foam or other packing material so contents are secure and won’t shift during shipping.
  5. Enclose the prescription.
  6. Seal box securely with packing tape and attach mailing label.

How do I obtain prescription forms, mailing labels, and shipping boxes?

Prescription Forms and USPS Mailing Labels are available in the Download Forms section of this website.  Shipping Boxes are available by calling or e-mailing your request along with prescription pads. If you are a current customer, please feel free to write on the prescription or call if you require another prescription pad. 

What is WDL’s shipping policy?

WDL ships all are cases UPS ground unless requested by the customer. We will ship overnight at the request of the customer, but we will be required to charge an overnight fee. We do charge postage for one way shipping.

Do you deliver and pick up locally?

WDL provides free local delivery to the Erie area. Our driver runs one east run and one west run twice a day. Deliveries start at 9am / 10:30am and then at 2 pm/3:30pm.  Please call if you require a pick up. WDL also provides a surrounding area pick –up and delivery service for a small delivery fee. We visit Edinboro, Waterford, Meadville, Titusville, Jamestown, NY area, Warren and other areas closely located on this route. The driver starts at 9am in the morning and returns to our office by 3:15pm daily.