Our Dental Lab Time Schedule

To plan the return of work, please allow the following work days in the lab. For all acrylic partials, please follow the denture schedule and allow one extra day in the schedule for Cu-sil® clasps and wrought wire clasps.

Bridge Department

Composite Bridgework 8 days
Metal Frame Try-in 5 days
Crown & Bridge 7 days
Porcelain Facings 3-4 days
Implant C&B 9-10 days

Removable Partial Department

Cast Metal Partial Framework 4 days
Framework & Setup for Try-in 6 days
Casting (Set-up for trial) 6 days
Framework (Case start to finish) 10 days
Treatment partial without wire(s) 4 days
Treatment partial with wire(s) 5 days
Partial repair requiring a weld 2 days

Denture Department

Bite Rim 2 days
Set-Ups for try-in 3 days
Finish from Set-up(s) 3-4 days
Treatment Denture 5 days
Relines 2 days
All acrylic repair 1 day

Flexible Partial

Flexible bite rim 2 days
Set-up for trial 6 days
Set-up & finish 9-10 days
Flex w/framework 10-12 days
Flexible partial repair 3 days

Emergency cases will be “rushed” upon request, but never at the risk of poor workmanship.